Well at least I won’t go winless in the playoffs!!! Thanks to the Colts and the Jets I managed to correctly pick 2 of last weekend’s winners.  I’ve never been so happy to miss a pick as I was in the Vikings-Cowboys game.  Here’s hoping my luck has turned – if I nail this weekend and the Super Bowl I’ll finish 5-6 for the playoffs.  As always, home team in CAPS:

Jets (+8) over COLTS – Keep in mind I think the Colts win the game.  Everybody keeps picking against them and I have no idea why.  Yes, the Jets have looked really good but they still have a rookie quarterback and the Colts have some guy named Peyton Manning.  I think Peyton is SUPREMELY PISSED that everyone is picking against him and I expect him to shut everyone up.  Yes, Darrelle Revis will probably lock down Reggie Wayne most of the day, but that still leaves Dallas Clark, Pierre Garcon, and Austin Collie very much available.  I also think the Colts defense is a faster and better tackling defense than the Jets have seen in a long time – Shonn Greene won’t be breaking off a long run in this one.  The Jets offense will grind the clock and their defense will keep this from becoming a shootout, but in the end Peyton Manning is going back to the Super Bowl.  COLTS 20, JETS 13

Vikings (+3.5) over SAINTS – I’ve been back and forth over this game all week.  Everytime I think the Vikings are gonna win I see something that gives me pause and makes me go back to the Saints.  In the end I picked the Vikings for one reason: Adrian Peterson.  We haven’t seen him really dominate a game in quite some time and if the Vikings really commit to running the football, the Saints are in trouble.  If Peterson gets like 20-25 carries in this game, the Saints defense will absolutely wear down.  Plus, the more the Vikes run the football, the longer the Saints offense remains on the sideline.  I know the Vikings are a crappy road team and I think Sean Payton is a better coach than Brad Childress.  But in watching the games last weekend I saw an angry and determined Vikings defense that should give the Saints some trouble.  Their pass rush against the Cowboys was straight up NASTY.  This game still figures to be a shootout and there will be lots of points scored but in the end I see Brett Favre making one or two big plays and the Vikings moving on to face the Colts in the Super Bowl.  VIKINGS 37, SAINTS 31

(of course now that I’ve written that Favre will probably revert to the 2008 version of himself & throw 2 INTS, Peterson will lose a fumble, and the Saints will cruise.  Oh well.)


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