New Post for the New Year

I probably should’ve written this yesterday but the fact is that I wasn’t getting up off my couch for anything but food.  Okay, so my computer is about 5 feet from said couch but who cares?  You, my 12 regular readers of the blog, will just have to deal with it.  Plus, with another day passing I have a few thoughts I couldn’t add yesterday.  So here goes:

  • TEBOW GOES OUT A WINNER – QB Tim Tebow had one of the best games of his illustrious career in his final game as a Florida Gator in the Sugar Bowl last night.  His numbers were Madden-esque: 31 of 35 for 482 yards and 3 TD’s and 14 rushes for 51 yards and a TD.  The guy’s a stud.  Period.  Cincinatti was just overmatched in this game and really didn’t have the athletes to compete with a supremely motivated Florida Gators squad.  Say what you want about Tebow but he owns a RIDICULOUS amount of Florida, SEC, and NCAA records and will definitely go down in history as one of the best players to EVER play college football.  I’ll be very interested to see what happens to him at the pro level.  He clearly has the leadership skills and intangibles (humility, coachability, etc) to be a QB on the next level.  But his throwing motion and his lack of experience running a pro-style offense will hurt him.  If he goes to a team where he can be a backup/wildcat hybrid QB his first 2 years and learn from someone who knows what they’re doing, I have no doubt that he has the drive and the athleticism to be a successful QB one day in the future.  He won’t ever have a “textbook” delivery or be the second coming of Joe Montana.  But the way the game is evolving with the NFL becoming more of a passing league, Tebow definitely has the arm strength and the athleticism to succeed in the NFL and give defensive coordinators fits.  He seeems to be a really good kid too, so here’s hoping he ends up on a stable franchise that will allow him to develop appropriately. 
  • THE CITRUS BOWL STADIUM IN ORLANDO – WHERE GOOD FOOTBALL GOES TO DIE – Memo to the brilliant minds at the NCAA: Just because you have a stadium to fill and bowls to be played doesn’t mean that you should play 2 DIFFERENT BOWLS IN ONE STADIUM IN THE SAME 3 DAYS!!  Anybody who saw Miami play Wisconsin earlier in the week in the Champps Sports Bowl saw a messy field with several turnovers and lots of shoddy play (not to mention a couple of horrid injuries).  As if that wasn’t bad enough, yesterday saw LSU play Penn State in the Capital One Bowl ON THE SAME FIELD!!  Anybody who saw even a minute of that game saw a sloppy, mistake filled back and forth affair that literally looked like it was being played in a mud pit in the back yard of somebody’s house.  I’ve seen many a High School field in WAY better shape than that.  AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A MAJOR BOWL?! Are you kidding me?  I heard that the grounds crew replaced the sod on the field about a month ago.  But in that time there have been 8 HS championship games played on that field in addition to the 2 Bowl Games I previously mentioned.  This is an ABSOLUTE DISASTER for the NCAA and makes them look incredibly inept.  But nobody seems to think this is that big a deal.  Why is that?  I know LSU and Penn State officials have to be pretty pissed off today with the conditions that they’re schools were forced to play in.  Here’s hoping somebody somewhere keeps this from happening again next year. 
  • SPORTING NEWS HILARITY – I subscribe to a free daily email edition of the Sporting News.  I usually skim through a lot of it but I always read the NFL and NHL sections in their entirety.  The writing is top notch and usually very insightful.  They even have a section later in the week that has observations and notes from a group of scouts around the league which is always really interesting.  BUT, today’s edition made me laugh.  In one section they talked about how vanilla this weekend’s game between the Packers and the Cardinals will be because those two teams are most likely to play each other again next week in Round 1 of the playoffs.  Later in the issue, though, it said to beware the Cardinals & the Packers as the playoffs approach because both teams have explosive offenses and aggressive defenses.  So i’m supposed to beware of BOTH of those teams even though one of them most likely won’t be playing beyond next weekend?  I find that funny even if nobody else does.
  • A NOTE ON THE 76ers – Yeah, you read that right.  I’m gonna talk about professional basketball for a minute.  I don’t follow the 76ers nearly as much as I used to because a)the Eagles, Phillies, and Flyers sort of take most of my energy and b)the team has kind of sucked for a while and shows no signs of moving in a new direction.  But I’ve been following a little more closely this season because I was hoping that a new coach might start to turn things around.  Well the team is currently 9-22 so that hasn’t exactly happened.  But maybe there are signs of life.  I LOVED bringing Allen Iverson back home and into the fold if for no other reason than people will start going to games a little bit more than they used to.  I also know that because of the NBA’s screwed up luxury tax system, it’s very hard for a team like the Sixers (who are inundated with some very bad contracts) to blow up and start over because other teams are just not willing to take on salary.  So the only way you can really rebuild an NBA team these days is to pick a couple of young guys to build around and then trade EVERY AVAILABLE ASSET for other teams’ expiring contracts and/or draft picks.  Then you get to clear the EC’s and hope you hit your draft picks.  I mention this because it’s time for Ed Stefanski, the Sixers GM, to do this.  Andre Iguodala is our most tradeable asset and it’s high time we moved him.  Iggy will never be “the guy” on a championship team.  He simply doesn’t have the skill set.  HOWEVER, he can be a VERY GOOD 2nd or 3rd guy in a championship team’s rotation.  He definitely has the skills for that.  So, Mr. Stefanski, please package Iggy and Dalembert to Houston for Tracy McGrady.  You’ll continue to generate buzz about the team for the rest of the season and then we clear McGrady’s 23 million dollar contract after the season.  Maybe then we can finally start to rebuild around Thad Young, Lou Williams, and Jrue Holliday.

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