Monday Musings

Things I’m thinking about on a Monday evening…

  • SHAME ON YOU INDY – You pulled Peyton Manning and your starters in the middle of the 3rd quarter in a game you were winning.  Why not at least let them finish the game?  Your team contends every year, but how often do you get the chance to do something truly historic?  Shame on you, Bill Polian for forcing this decision down Jim Caldwell’s throat.  Peyton was pissed and so was Reggie Wayne.  Mark my words: This will come back to haunt them.  Rolling into the playoffs having lost 2 straight (assuming Buffalo beats their B squad next week) and with a week off does not bode well.  Whether New England comes to Indy and gets its revenge or whether San Diego comes to town and sends you home again, you won’t be making the Super Bowl. 
  • PANTHERS 41, GIANTS 9 – In the FINAL Giants game EVER at Giants Stadium, the Giants scored a whopping 9 points against a Panthers team playing for nothing but pride and with backups at both QB and RB.  Yeah, I enjoyed that one a whole lot. 
  • CONGRATULATIONS BENGALS – You guys won yesterday and clinched the AFC North.  I don’t know how far you’ll get in the playoffs, but I’ve been watching you all season since HARD KNOCKS on HBO this summer and I am rootin’ for ya.
  • URBAN MEYER, HUH? – You’re retiring.  You’re not retiring.  You’re taking a leave.  But you’re gonna coach again next season.  What exactly is going on here?  When you announced you were retiring because of your health and your wish to devote yourself to your family, people hailed you and commended you for putting real life ahead of football. But 24 hours later you said you’re only gonna take a leave of absence and will most likely coach the team next year.  Not only does this seem a little shady to me, but you erased a lot of good will along the way.  URBAN: IT’S ONLY FOOTBALL – IT’S NOT WORTH YOUR LIFE.  If you really do have heart problems, I think this is a mistake.  Of course you’re great for college football, but it’s just a game.  Nothing more.  You claim family and faith are the 2 most important things in your life, but now it appears coaching college football is more important.  I hate to demean someone who may or may not have serious health issues, but dude, taking a few years off to be with your family is a GOOD IDEA.  Lord knows you don’t need the money and your golden boy Tim Tebow is graduating anyway.  If five years from now, you really miss coaching and your doctors are okay with you returning, you’ll be able to pick any job you want.  TAKE SOME TIME OFF, MAN!!!
  • FLYERS WIN 3 STRAIGHT GAMES – I don’t wanna talk about it too much for fear it might go away.  But you read that right.  The Flyers have won 3 straight games and that even includes a shootout!!  Most impressive is that all 3 wins have come with fresh-off-Carolina’s-scrap-heap Michael Leighton in goal.  Maybe the ship is finally righting itself?  Who knows.  But I love that Richards (4 pts) and Carter (3 pts) have been leading the way during the streak.  Next up are the Rangers Wednesday night (another win and the teams are tied in the standings) before the WINTER CLASSIC AGAINST BOSTON FROM FENWAY PARK ON NEW YEAR’S DAY (nothing like High Definition Outdoor Hockey Games with a 50% chance of snow)!!!
  • MANCHESTER UNITED 3, HULL CITY 1 – A good bounce back win by the Red Devils.  Wayne Rooney had a great first goal and then almost became the goat by gifting Hull the equalizer.  But he quickly bounced back, forced the 2nd goal (an own-goal by Hull) and had a BEAUTIFUL assist on Berbatov’s game-ender.  They stay 5 pts. behind Chelsea (with a game in hand) and are finally beginning to get healthy along the back line.  The second half of the season looks promising for my defending champions!!
  • THE METS SIGN A FREE AGENT – Kelvim Escobar agreed to a one year contract to set up closer Francisco Rodriguez.  The Phillies and the rest of the National League are sure to be frightened by this incredible move.  Keep up the good work, Mr. Minaya.



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