AIRING IT OUT is YOUR source for unfiltered sports opinions

It’s my hope and intent that this blog will become a daily must-read for any and all sports fans out there.  Whereas many blogs are focused on one team or one sport or one city, I intend to make this as open a forum as possible.  This isn’t a journalist’s website and I won’t be breaking any news.  I’ll merely be commenting on any and all sports stories I deem relevant for the day with appropriate credit and links provided when necessary.  I’ll try and hit the most important sports topics of the day but frankly I probably won’t.  I’ll be posting on topics that I feel passionate about.  Period.  If they lead the sports shows, great.  If not, I don’t care.  But I want as much feedback as possible, especially early on, so that you guys will keep coming back (if for no other reason than to see just how asinine you think my opinions are).  In addition, I’ll post links to my favorite writers or great articles that I come across and I’ll post at least once a day (though hopefully a lot more).  While sports will definitely drive this blog, I won’t hesitate to touch on random topics as well.  You can definitely expect to see posts about politics or pop culture or anything that generally pisses me off or inspires me. No matter what, I can guarantee you my opinions will be strong and unfiltered.  So even if you don’t agree with me, you’ll have to respect the fact that I’ll be bringing it “on every down” and “giving 110%.” Intead of being “conservative (aka bland)” with my “play calls”, rest assured that I’ll be “airing it out” with each shot I take!!

 Thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments (be gentle – it’s my first time!)


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